FSVintageAIR World Airways Virtual

FSVintageAIR World Airways Virtual is a conglomerate of three virtual airlines, Classic American Airlines virtual, Pan American Airways and South Lake Tahoe virtual. FSV is in the spirit of the classic days of commercial aviation, encompassing the 1930's to the late 1960's

Although the FSV fleet mainstays are the Douglas propliners FSV will implement some first generation jetliners.

There are three divisions to FSVintageAIR Virtual Airways.

  1. Domestic Flights
  2. International Flights
  3. Bush Flights

Pilot rosters, flight boards, fleet pages, pirep and logbook systems are under construction. Any help from our FSV members whether it be painting aircraft or managing flights would be greatly appreciated.

New Stuff
FSX Vintage Field V2!

The Tramp Steamer - SS Adventure
On 8 April 2017 8:00 PM PDT the Tramp Steamer - SS Adventure left from San Fracisco bay. The SS Adventure will pass through Hawaiian islands, along with several more prots of call before making Port Morsby in Papua New Guinea. See fi you can find the SS Adventure.

If you don't want to see a Cessna floating on the water, you can download the FSX/P3D The Tramp Steamer - SS Adventure by clicking the download button.

FSV'S Passengers and Cargo Flights
FSV need your financial help to cover the expense of running the websites and the multiplayer servers, so please click the Donation botton and send a your donation to day.

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