FSV'S Pilot Roster
Click the Ranking system link to view our ranks and how many hour it take to move to the net rank.

If you are an existing member of FSV and want to have you name and rank added to the roster, please let me know by email or fill out the application by clicking the Join Us tab at the top of the page. Your hours from your former virtual airlines will be added together and posted here.

Sholder Boards Rank Callsign Flight Class Flight Hours
Pilot FSV73 Fernand 0
Pilot FSV242BL Bill 0
Pilot FSV497 Chuck 41.4
Pilot FSV411 Dan 4.4
Pilot FSV909 John 0
IFR Commercial Pilot FSV597 Randy 289.0
Commercial Pilot FSV282 Michel 102.1
Commercial Pilot FSV1142 Kenny 176.1

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