Should problems arise online between several individuals, the parties should first attempt to resolve any issues among themselves. If this should fail, then the parties should request the services of an online supervisor or contact the pilot relations administrator at to resolve the dispute.

All private pilots shall use a call sign without an underscore ie.... NV1234. TeamSpeak call signs should be the same as the callsign you use to fly with in Flight Simulator.

All VA pilot shall use the underscore in their call sign( ie).... MAS_000 when flying for their VA. TeamSpeak call signs should be the same as the callsign you use to fly with in Flight Simulator.

All pilots are expected to be professional on the radio, and use radio courtesy.

If you are banned from our servers for any reason, you will not be notified.. We agree that your IP and personal information will remain confidential in all other matters, and will not be shared for any reason. You may be banned from our servers and sessions for any behavior not becoming a professional or student aviator, any attempt at gaining information from our servers that is outside of their game related focus, using our servers for personal gain or purposes outside our explicit consent. You may also become subject to this policy if your ISP or machine causes issues or degrades our connectivity or quality of service.

All pilots utilizing ATC services must file a flight plan.

All pilots must join the server parked at a gate or designated parking area, clear of all runways and taxiways or already in the air. The crash detection function in flight simulator should be disabled when online.

Turn off the auto-transmit feature in TeamSpeak. Please only push to talk radios in our sessions. Any pilot using auto-transmit will be notified to comply with push to talk requirements. Those that do not comply will be banned. Thank you for understanding, this is an ever increasing problem that only degrades everyone's enjoyment if not addressed.

By accessing and browsing the FSVintageAIR Site, you accept these Terms, Conditions, and rules without limitation or qualification. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please exit this site now.


It is FSVintageAIR’s purpose to provide a safe and secure environment for its pilots. An environment where they can enjoy themselves without the worry of outside harassment, and to especially have fun on servers free of viruses and other harmful programs. FSVintageAIR will prosecute any person or persons introducing such programs to the fullest extent of the law.

We look forward to you joining FSVintageAIR and flying the friendly and secure sky’s of FSVintageAIR.


At FSVintageAIR we strive to provide a clean and safe flight environment for simmers of all interest. Our goal is to provide a professional and realistic setting for our controllers and pilots alike. While the guidelines cover some specific related issues, they are not confined to them. We trust that everyone will act in a responsible manner and in a fashion becoming of an aviator. If there are any questions about these guidelines you can send your email to Thank you for your participation and understanding.

Only registered members in good standing with FSVintageAIR may fly on our servers. Please allow up to 24 hours for application processing. This is needed to verify your email address and confirm your application information. When your application is approved you will be given the passwords for the FSVintageAIR servers and TeamSpeak. ANY GIVING OUT OF PASSWORDS IS FORBIDDEN AND SUCH PERSONS WILL BE BANNED.

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