Pilot Resources and helpful tools

FSrealWX lite:

Weather add-on for FS2002, FS2004 and FSX It decodes METAR and upper wind data (additional weather information such as types of clouds are in preparation) and sends it to the flight simulator.


What it is:

FSTramp is a fully integrated plug-in for Flight Simulator X. The program is activated with Ctrl+F12. Pressing this Hotkey makes Flight Simulator change its face to become FSTramp. At the same time all Flight Simulator functions continue normally. In the alternative display mode FSTramp is a separate window, that can be positioned freely anywhere.

For display of the world map FSTramp uses your own Flight Simulator scenery data. Addon scenery which has been added to your scenery library in FSX, is also displayed on the world map.

Router Users,

for all Multiplayer connections to any FSHOST Server, and allow other players to connect, These ports are: ESSENTIAL! Forward Ports: All UDP Only:
  • 2234, (directplay) & (FS2K2)
  • 23450-23460, (Open for FS2004)
  • 6073, (Directplay 8)
  • 2300-2400, (Open for FSX)
  • 23432 (FSNav - Optional)

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